End-to-End Document and Text Annotation

Delivering high-quality training data for automated text classification and natural language processing

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Our Labeling Expertise at Work Across Diverse Applications

Our document labeling experts support a wide range of applications.

Form Processing

Label form fields and structures to extract information from applications, surveys, etc.

Receipt Understanding

Label receipts to extract key fields like merchant, date, and purchase items.

Contract Review

Tag clauses, obligations, and limits in legal contracts to automate review.

Healthcare Claims

Label billing statements and insurance claims to automate processing.

Invoice Processing

Label vendor, date, amount due and other fields to streamline accounting.

Resume Parsing

Tag skills, experience, education sections to enable applicant tracking and recruiting.

Why Sapien

Sapien provides specialized expertise in document annotation for machine learning.

Advanced Annotation Schemes

Our platform supports sequence labeling, optical character recognition, and hierarchical labels to capture document structures.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Our document labeling teams are comprised of domain experts who understand industry terminology and formats within finance, legal, healthcare, and more.

Secure and Scalable

We facilitate the secure transfer and storage of your confidential documents and can rapidly scale capacity up or down to meet project needs.

Quality Management

Sapien utilizes statistical sampling, IAA, and expert reviews to ensure labeling quality exceeds requirements.

Customized Protocols

Our experienced data scientists design tailored annotation protocols for your unique documents and target model performance, with your specific use case in mind from start to finish.

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