Train AI with Expert Human Feedback

Accuracy. Scalability. Expertise.

Data collection and labeling services with a focus on accuracy and scalability

Fine-Tune LLMs with Expert Human Feedback

High-quality training data is essential for all large language models, whether you build the data yourself or use pre-existing models. A human-in-the-loop labeling process delivers real-time feedback for fine-tuning datasets to build the most performant and differentiated AI models.


Alleviate Data Labeling Bottlenecks

Leverage Sapien’s team for the human feedback you need to enhance your LLM model performance.

Efficient Labeler Management

Our labeler management allows us to segment teams— you only pay for the level of experience and skill sets your data labelling project requires.

Fine-Tuning through RLHF

We provide precise data labeling with faster human input to enhance the robustness and input diversity to improve the adaptability of LLMs for your enterprise applications.

Scale Labeling Resources Quickly

Sapien can quickly scale labelling operations up and down for annotation projects large and small. Human intelligence at scale.

Labeling Flexibility and Customization

We can customize labeling models to handle your specific data types, formats, and annotation requirements.

A Flexible Team to Support Your Labeling Journey

Sapien has the feet on the street and operational scalability to find the labeling expertise you need for whatever your labeling project.

Whether you require Spanish-fluent labelers or Nordic wildlife experts, we have the internal team to help you scale quickly.

Expertise across Industries

Human intelligence from experienced subject matter experts across every industry — medical, legal, Edtech, and more.

235+ Languages and Dialects

Our labelers span over 73+ countries speaking 235+ languages and dialects.

1M+ Contributors Worldwide

Sapien's dedicated labeling team is here to become an extension of your team to deliver successful projects.

Enrich your LLM's Understanding of Language and Context

Sapien combines AI and human intelligence to annotate all input types for any model.

Question-Answering Annotations

Annotate text data pairs to provide questions and answers based on the context and content of the text to enable seamless, natural responses for chatbots.

Data Collection

Thousands of hours of speech recognition data, terabytes of image data, and billions pieces of natural language processing data for immediate delivery.

Model Fine-Tuning

Adjust the parameters of pre-trained models with industry-specific or use case-specific data to improve their performance on a specific task.

Test & Evaluation

Continuously assess risks and operational safety to maintain the integrity and utility of your LLMs and AI models.

Text Classification

Categorize text into predefined classes or categories based on content. Ideal for support tickets, legal documents, academic papers.

Sentiment Analysis

Annotate text to determine the sentiment expressed (positive, negative, neutral) in text such as customer feedback and employee surveys.

Semantic Segmentation

Identify and separate different objects, features, or areas within an image, and classify them into different categories or classes, such as "person," "car," "building," etc.

Image Classification

Identify and delineate specific objects or regions within an image with bounding boxes, classify overall images into one or more predefined classes, or classify images as appropriate or inappropriate for various contexts.

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If you want to work on machine learning and AI models that put people first, we encourage you to check out our open positions and apply today!

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