Data Labeling for Finance

Powering Finance Innovation with High-Quality Training Data

Sapien provides expert and scalable data annotation services to fuel the development of sophisticated AI models in the finance sector with high-quality, domain-specific training data.

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Why Sapien for Finance Data Labeling?

Deep Financial Industry Domain Expertise

Our labelers have extensive experience working with financial data across various asset classes, market segments, and financial instruments. They understand the nuances and complexities in finance training data, including market-specific terminologies, regulatory requirements, and data privacy considerations.

Customized Labeling Workflows

At Sapien, we tailor our annotation processes to the specific needs of the finance industry, which includes tasks like classifying and extracting information from financial statements, labeling time-series data for predictive modeling, annotating news sentiment for algorithmic trading, and analyzing customer interactions for compliance monitoring.

Rapid Scaling and Flexible Engagement Models

The Sapien platform enables on-demand scaling of annotation throughput to meet aggressive timelines for financial model development and backtesting. Scale your project up or down with dedicated teams to support both early-stage research initiatives and enterprise-scale deployments across front, middle, and back-office functions.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Our multi-stage QA processes, combining automated consistency checks, cross-validator consensus, and expert reviews, ensure training data of the highest accuracy and integrity. Sapien's QA is designed to meet the stringent standards of regulated financial applications and the low error tolerance of high-stakes trading and investment decisions.

Finance Data Labeling Applications

Quantitative Investing

  • Fundamental data extraction and normalization
  • Alternative data classification and sentiment scoring
  • Earnings call transcript annotation for NLP
  • Technical indicator and chart pattern labeling

Risk Management

  • Counterparty risk data extraction and classification
  • Market event and volatility labeling
  • Stress testing and scenario annotation
  • Operational risk taxonomies and incident labeling

Compliance and Fraud Detection

  • Transaction data labeling for AML pattern detection
  • KYC document information extraction and verification
  • Trade surveillance anomaly labeling
  • Email and chat communication compliance tagging

Customer Insights

  • Sentiment analysis of customer feedback and interactions
  • Intent classification for personalized offerings
  • Churn prediction feature labeling
  • Life event detection for targeted marketing

Secure and Compliant Finance Data Handling

Sapien maintains ISO 27001 certified data security controls and adheres to data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and GLBA. Our annotators are trained in handling material non-public information (MNPI) and operate under strict confidentiality agreements.

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