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Data labeling services for managing and scaling data labeling pipelines.

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We're looking for talented, passionate people to join our team. Join us as we shape the future of AI. If you want to work on machine learning and AI models that put people first, we encourage you to check out our current open job positions and apply today!

We're currently hiring for:

Head of Growth / Marketing

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Demand Generation Specialist

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Arabic & Turkish Speaking Team Lead

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Junior Software Engineer

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Senior Software Engineer, Web3

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Team Lead, Software Engineer

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If you want to work on machine learning and AI models that put people first, we encourage you to check out our open positions and apply today!

We help businesses deliver safer, smarter, and enriching AI experiences

At Sapien, our mission is to forge a future driven by ethical and responsible AI. We  believe in the importance of human input and perspective in developing AI systems that are beneficial, safe, and transparent.

Why Join the Sapien Team

Industry-Leading Compensation
Advance the State of the Art in AI
Inclusive Global Culture
Outsized Impact in a Nimble Team
Grow with an Expanding Leader
Shape the Future of AI

Our Core Values

Empowering Our People

We put our labelers first, providing industry-leading pay, growth opportunities, and a commitment to helping every individual thrive.

Pioneering Spirit

We fearlessly push the boundaries of what's possible, combining human intelligence and cutting-edge technology to revolutionize AI.

Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our global team, fostering an inclusive culture where everyone belongs.

Uncompromising Quality

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, delivering the highest-quality training data and AI results for our customers.

Agility and Impact

We move fast and empower our people to make a far-reaching impact, continuously innovating to stay at the forefront of the AI industry.

Customer Obsession

We are passionate about our customers' success, always going above and beyond to understand their needs and deliver transformative AI solutions.

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