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Data labeling services for managing and scaling data labeling pipelines.

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We help businesses deliver safer, smarter, and enriching AI experiences

At Sapien, our mission is to forge a future driven by ethical and responsible AI. We  believe in the importance of human input and perspective in developing AI systems that are beneficial, safe, and transparent.

Why Join the Sapien Team

Industry-Leading Compensation

We believe in putting our labelers first and rewarding the immense value they provide. That's why we offer some of the highest pay rates in the industry, making sure that our team is able to thrive and grow with us long-term.

Advance the State of the Art in AI

Join Sapien and work on cutting-edge challenges in AI. Help us push the boundaries in areas like large language models, human-in-the-loop labeling, and model fine-tuning to deliver industry-leading results.

Inclusive Global Culture

We believe diversity is our strength. Spanning 73+ countries and 235+ languages, our team embraces a flexible, inclusive culture. You'll collaborate with colleagues worldwide in a welcoming environment that respects your unique perspective.

Outsized Impact in a Nimble Team

As part of our agile team, you will have an outsized ability to influence our direction and success. Your ideas and efforts will shape our technical capabilities and company trajectory.

Grow with an Expanding Leader

Sapien is experiencing rapid growth as an AI data labeling leader. You'll have an unparalleled opportunity to build your skills and career as we scale to meet accelerating demand across healthcare, legal, education, and more.

Shape the Future of AI

Be part of a company that is using human intelligence in innovative ways to power the next generation of AI. You'll get to enable breakthroughs in AI performance and real-world value—work that matters.

Our Core Values

Empowering Our People

We put our labelers first, providing industry-leading pay, growth opportunities, and a commitment to helping every individual thrive.

Pioneering Spirit

We fearlessly push the boundaries of what's possible, combining human intelligence and cutting-edge technology to revolutionize AI.

Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our global team, fostering an inclusive culture where everyone belongs.

Uncompromising Quality

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, delivering the highest-quality training data and AI results for our customers.

Agility and Impact

We move fast and empower our people to make a far-reaching impact, continuously innovating to stay at the forefront of the AI industry.

Customer Obsession

We are passionate about our customers' success, always going above and beyond to understand their needs and deliver transformative AI solutions.

Current Job Opening

We're looking for talented, passionate people to join our team. Join us as we shape the future of AI. If you want to work on machine learning and AI models that put people first, we encourage you to check out our current open job positions and apply today!

We're currently hiring for:

Account Executive

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Sales Development Representative

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Tokenomics Advisor

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Head of Partnerships

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UX / Gamification Designer

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Automation Engineer

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Backend Technical Lead

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Product Manager - Gamification & Core Platform

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If you want to work on machine learning and AI models that put people first, we encourage you to check out our open positions and apply today!

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