Image Annotation

Sapien provides human expertise to help you accelerate your image annotation to fuel your computer vision models.

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Image Annotation Services that Drive your AI Success

Our image data labeling experts support a wide range of computer vision applications. Combining a leading platform and tech stack with domain expertise to help power refined AI models.

Autonomous Vehicles

Annotate traffic signs, pedestrians, lanes, and other objects for self-driving car systems.

Medical Imaging

Label X-ray, MRI, and microscopy images to detect and diagnose diseases.


Tag images to train robots on visual tasks like recognizing objects and navigating environments.


Annotate security footage to build AI that automatically detects threats and anomalies.

Satellite Imagery

Classify aerial and satellite imagery for applications like mapping, agriculture monitoring, and disaster response.


Tag product images to enable visual search, recommendations, and quality control.

High-Quality Annotated Data to Power your Computer Vision Models

We can customize labeling models to handle your specific data types, formats, and annotation requirements.



Image Segmentation

Image Classification

2-D panoptic segmentation

Keypoint Pose Detection

Point Cloud Annotation 

3-D Object Recognition

Why Sapien Image Labeling Services

Sapien delivers an integrated image annotation approach. Our internal team of dedicated labelers provide the human-in-the-loop feedback combined with an industry-leading annotation platform ​​to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

Secure and Scalable Data Labeling Resources

We facilitate the secure transfer and storage of your confidential image data and can quickly scale your data labeling team based on your project needs. 

Dedicated Labeling Team with Domain Expertise

We'll allocate the right team tailored to your vertical and use case based upon their area of expertise. One team will work the entirety of your project to ensure continuity.

Quality Assurance Checkpoints

We'll provide regular updates and operational transparency. Our team performs automated check and statistical sampling to ensure quality before completing the full training dataset. 

Customized Data Pipeline Workflows

Our internal labeling team designs tailored workflows for your image dataset and desired model objectives to deliver fast image annotation while ensuring the highest levels of accuracy

Professionalism. Client-centric. Scalable Team Ready to take on any Challenging Image Annotation Project.

The project entailed annotating over 6,000 wildlife images to shed light on Scandinavian wildlife behavioral patterns and biodiversity. The objective—isolate and label the species, gender, and other characteristics of animals in each image, reducing identification ambiguity.

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