Data Labeling for Education Technology

Empowering EdTech Innovation with High-Quality Training Data

Sapien provides expert and scalable data annotation services to fuel the development of AI models in the education technology sector with high-quality training data.

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Why Sapien for EdTech Data Labeling?

Deep EdTech Domain Expertise

Our labelers have extensive experience working with educational content across grade levels, subject areas, and learning modalities and understand nuances and pedagogical principles in EdTech training data.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Our multi-stage QA processes, combining automated checks and expert reviews, ensure training data of the highest accuracy and consistency. Sapien's QA is designed to meet the stringent standards of high-stakes EdTech applications.

Rapid Scaling and Flexible Engagement Models

The Sapien platform enables on-demand scaling of annotation throughput to meet aggressive EdTech product development timelines. Scale your project up or down with dedicated teams to support both early-stage initiatives and enterprise-scale deployments.

Customized Labeling Workflows

At Sapien, we tailor our annotation processes to the specific needs of the EdTech industry, which includes tasks like classifying and tagging learning content, generating questions and answers for adaptive learning systems, evaluating student responses using rubrics, segmenting educational images and videos semantically, and analyzing the sentiment of student and teacher feedback.

EdTech Data Labeling Applications

Learning Content Annotation

  • Subject area and topic classification
  • Grade level and difficulty tagging
  • Learning objective and curriculum standards alignment
  • Content modality and accessibility metadata

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

  • Domain model and knowledge graph construction
  • Pedagogical strategy labeling
  • Dialog act classification for conversational learning
  • User input sanitization and safety labeling

Learner Analytics

  • Clickstream data labeling for engagement analysis
  • Performance data annotation for adaptive learning models
  • Sentiment analysis of discussion forums and feedback
  • Multimodal data annotation for social-emotional learning

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Question/answer authoring for formative assessment
  • Rubric development and application
  • Constructed response annotation for automated scoring
  • Metacognitive skill tagging

Secure and Compliant EdTech Data Handling

Sapien maintains strict data security and privacy controls, and data privacy-compliant practices. Our annotators are trained to handle sensitive student data responsibly.

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